An unidentified container has been left standing for two hours

An unidentified container has been left standing next to one of the washing machines for two hours already. The contents have not been washed, as nobody knows who they belong to.

Laundry lists can be printed using the planning boards.

These may contain such details as the customer number or name. Processing instructions may also be printed on them, however, such as a washing programme.

We can tailor this to meet your own particular requirements. 


Virtual Laundry enables you to print laundry lists or packing lists using any planning board you choose. 

These may also contain instructions, if necessary. 

Furthermore, the package comprises over 150 reports for both internal and external use.



The following are but a few of the problems that can also be avoid through use of our planning boards:


  • Items laundered using the wrong washing programme
  • Laundered late
  • Non-standard washing programme (agreed with the customer) forgotten
  • Laundered too early
  • Forgotten to wash a portion

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