About Virtual Laundry

Why choose for  Virtual Laundry?

Virtual Laundry is a total solution: software, advice and 24/7 personal support to ensure the efficient and smart operation of your laundry both now and in the future. 

A few characteristics of the Virtual Laundry are:

- Calmness and clarity
Your employees can see exactly what they must do and what their colleagues are doing. This leads to a calm and clear workplace. 

- Simplicity
Processes and work are recorded via the Virtual Laundry app or the Internet. That information is accessible everywhere and on every device. Virtual Laundry fits in seamlessly with existing systems in the laundry.

- Personal
The software is customised to your requirements and you have 24 hour/day access to personal customer support. 

- Total solution
Virtual Laundry offers a combination of state-of-the-art software, years of experience in the laundry business and personal advice tailored to your situation. All for a fixed amount per month.


What is it?

Virtual Laundry is a system that helps laundries gain insight into their own productivity and customer yield, detailed per item and product flow. The system comprises various modules, which can jointly monitor, audit and improve your complete laundry, both financially and logistically. 

Virtual Laundry was specially developed in 2001 on the basis of twenty years of laundry experience. The current system has been extensively tested in the field and continually improved on the basis of further user requirements. Since 2008 extra modules were developped which made a complete ERP system of Virtual laundry. Modules such as digi planbord, instructions on each work spot, packin lists wich lead to automatic invoicing. Also barcode or rfid scanning is available and your customers can order linen with our app available voor apple and android.

Virtual Laundry vouches for improvements in both the field of logistics and economics, depending on the current situation in your laundry, of course. This includes improvements in such areas as the workload per department, minimisation of shop floor errors, savings on administration and transport costs, more in-depth customer knowledge, reduced maintenance charges and a decline in the total man-hours.


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