A customer forgotten

A customer called to ask you to collect the laundry. And despite the fact that you explicitly told the driver to do so, the customer called again to say that it had not been collected.

Virtual Laundry applies up-to-date route lists and transport schedules. Whenever a customer calls, a single click is all that is needed to automatically add it to the driver's route list.

Virtual Laundry is equipped with a complete route schedule. Each route offers insight into when a customer's laundry is to be collected and deliverd. This may be weekly, periodically or solely at the customer's request.

Virtual Laundry also offers the opportunity to include all relevant information for the driver. This includes such data as “type of package”, “comments” or “what sorts of laundry” are to be collected and delivered


The Virtual Laundry transport module makes the aforementioned problem a thing of the past. However, it also helps resolve issues including the following:

  • The unpacking department is waiting for the van
  • No space to unload the laundry
  • Two routes on the same day in the same town
  • Temporary driver unable to find laundry
  • Vans far short of full loads
  • Van has to make two trips in order to deliver everything
  • Etc…

 These are all covered by our transport module.

Drivers' App

And last but not least, Virtual Laundry offers the opportunity to organise everything entirely electronically using the Virtual Laundry Drivers'App. This App enables the driver to directly monitor every change using a tablet in the cab of the van.

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