A driver has no choice but to sit and wait

A driver is sitting in the canteen sipping a cup of coffee. The reason? The laundry is not ready yet. The "dirty laundry sorting" department was late unpacking the customers laundry, and everything else is also running late as a result. By pure luck, however, they didn't forget it altogether...

Thanks to the planning boards, it is immediately clear which customers are to be processed and when. For each day and time block, it is clear when they need to unpack the customer's items. Forgot a customer? This is now also a thing of the past. The planning board continually reminds the workforce which customer's items need to be unpacked next.


Route as the basis

The routes taken by the driver serve as the basis for our planning boards. It is therefore established when a customer needs to be processed for each individual planning board. This may naturally not be required in certain circumstances. In such cases, you can simply deviate from this schedule (if necessary). Given that the composition of the laundry is listed per customer in Virtual Laundry, then those particular customers will only appear on the planning boards in question.


The use of Virtual Laundry planning boards therefore implies that a driver will, in future, never have to wait for the laundry because processing started late.

Furthermore, a planning board in this department of your laundry can prevent the following issues:


  • Weight record forgotten
  • Counts of certain items forgotten
  • Incorrect quantities entered
  • Incorrect weighing
  • Too few hours scheduled to have everything ready on time
  • Customer unpacked prematurely

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