Production monitoring

Tradition has it that we produce x kilograms per man-hour. The standards for a large number of machines have already been established, but how many hours can I now use in each of the departments?

Virtual Laundry enables us to accurately establish the standard for all departments within a laundry. As soon as we enter a customer's composition in our database, you can clearly see which departments are operating above, below or according to standard. And this applies to all departments in a laundry. There is therefor also a standard for the manual folding of laundry. Furthermore, continually monitoring these standards assures you of the very latest data, while also enabling you to readily anticipate changes.


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Given that we have over fifteen years of experience, Virtual Laundry is a reliable partner to chart your production and monitor production data. Moreover, our database contains over one million process standards, which implies that we already have details of literally every process accrued out within a laundry. 


However, there is more to it than simply establisging standards..

  • Energy consumption becomes transparant
  • Absence due to illness
  • Appropriate price for the particular service in question?
  • Just a few mouse clicks are sufficient to gain insight into the effects that a new customer would have on the departments of your laundry

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