Customer calls: “I handed in ten chef's jackets, but only eight were returned”

Virtual Laundry enables you to indicate for each item whether it is to be counted when dirty and/or clean. Our useful in/out check therefore enables you to conveniently keep track of the completeness of the laundry.

Want even more detail?

By applying a barcode or an RFID chip to the chef's jackets, one can scan them in on arrival, then the packing department can scan them out again so that they are automatically added to the packing list.


Virtual Laundry also has a "Barcode and chipregistration" module.

This enables you to effortlessly porcess garments bearing a barcode or chip.

Lost an item? Our "track and trace" reports readily enables you to establish where it went missing.

Furthermore, the module offers you the option of implementing up to 99 signals.

Sein zetten

Virtual Laundry can also address the following issues in the packing department:


  • Forgotten items
  • Incorrect number of containers returned

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