A customer calls the laundry to place an additional order. The administrative assistant therefor proceeds to the packing department with the order, only to discover that the customer order already been packed.


The VL App enables the customer to place an order without the need for a live internet connection.

The App sents directly to the packing department. The VL App then also lists the latest delivery time.

This makes premature packing a thing of the past. 


Not only orders, but also details of quantities can be sent to the laundry. Given that the orders and counts take place entirely by means of the planning boards, there is no longer any need for the intervention of an administrative assistant.

The system keeps track of when and by what time at the very latest a customer needs to count or place an order. This prevents situations in which a customer has already been packed before the count comes in. Packing lists can also be directly printed on the shop floor.

Thanks to various advanced checks, this can continue uninterrupted.


In addition to the order and count checks, Virtual Laundry offers solutions for the following issues:


  • Shortage of items with which to complete orders
  • Waiting on a department to complete processing
  • Items ready which are not yet required
  • No overview of the extent to which a customer order is complete
  • Customers who deliver and collect their laundry waiting for it to be completed

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