Why does it take us two to three days each time to generate invoices? Surely this can be done more swiftly and effectively?

Whenever a packing list is generated, the system automatically runs a check to establish whether the quantities entered correspond to the average of previous deliveries. 


This implies that you can rely almost entire on the system to prevent any excesses in the quantities entered.

Controle invoer pakbon

A single orderly screen displays all packing lists:

  • Generated using the planning boards
  • Manually added
  • Generated on the basis of fixed costs items

Simply making a convenient selection is sufficient to ensure that all packing lists are invoiced, and that invoices are either printed or forwarded by email. The corresponding management information overviews are printed/mailed simutaneously to the invoices. After all, a separate layout and attendant enclosures/attachments can be selected for each individual customer. The original packing lists and/or a delivery overview can be printed at the same time.


The Virtual Laundry invoicing module also enables you to avoid the following issues:


  • Incorrect invoicing
  • Incomplete returns
  • Agreements with customer unclear
  • Compensation for items of which it is unclear how often they have been laundered
  • Compensation for an item which was not lost in the laundry after all

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