Electronic invoicing

It takes me the whole morning to print the overviews to accompany invoices and put them together in envelopes!

Electronic invoicing is one of the standard functionalities of Virtual Laundry. In addition, however, it enables you to link any overview you require to your invoice and then forward them to the customer in one fell swoop.

digitale facturatie

Automatically emailing an invoice and corresponding overviews is an increasingly popular requirement, among laundries and customers alike. It is there no wonder that 80% of the laundries we serve have already opted to have their invoices forwarded automatically by email!


The invoicing module helps reduce the number of actions reqquired, thus minimising the incidence of mistakes. Far fewer actions need to be performed in accounts, in order to generate an invoice. The module also makes the manual production of overviews - and therefor the attendant risk of discrepancies- a thing of the past.

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