This is the second time this week that a customer has called to complain that the dry-cleaned items were not included in the consignment!

The Virtual Laundry planning boards are independent on one another. This implies that shipping department cannot complete a customer order until it has been completed by all other departments (which are to handle the customer). This prevents any part of the laundry being skipped.

planbordkaartje voortgang

Virtual Laundry also provides convenient insight into progress per department. For instance, it shows when a customer should have been complete in any particular department, and when it was actually completed. 

planbordkaartje voortgang detail

The customer can be tracked form transport / unpacking, up to and including packing and return transport. The planning boards and departments can therefore monitor one another's progress. The instructions can be displayed on any individual planning board.

The planning board also immediately show if a customer has not handed in any laundry. Preselected planning boards can also be used to call off customers. All other departments are then immediately informed that they should not expect any laundry from the customer in question.

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