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I am increasingly busy, but earning less and less in the meantime.. 

Virtual Laundry ensures that the cost price is established on the basis of detailed data. The cost price module provides insight into the costs at a highly detailed level: per item, per production flow, per customer and per customer category. This presents a clear picture of your laundry's performance, both as a whole and in terms of individual departments, customers and products.

Vl flowchart

Cost prices per business, per customer and even per item are available in Virtual Laundry. This also enables you to calculate for potential customers. This allows you to address such queries as the following: "what effect will this new customer have on my business" and "what prices would i have to charge".

You can also see at a glance which customers make a positive contribution to profits and which not, the "Winners and losers" as it where.

Of course, this is not bases solely on the production costs, as you are provided with a complete overview.

Winners Losers

A cost price in naturally not established purely on the basis of production costs, but on a complete overview. You can zoom in on each particular customer to establish which items have a positive or negative effect on the turnover that they generate.

The cost price can also be kept appropriate and up to date by periodically monitoring the standards established in advance.


Do you require even greater accuracy? Virtual Laundry can provide a highly detailed cost allocation overview. This enables you to allocate costs to each customer, right down to the most minute detail. 


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